Fire and Security

Fire and security personnel often act as a supportive role in a number of areas.

Fire, CCTV and Access control works in partnership with many of our clients within structured cabling, audio visual and electrical. Fire and security professionals maintain safety and security on work sites and ensure that the right solutions are put into place for all sites.

Fire Engineers take care of installation, as well as service and maintenance of fire safety systems. Carrying out service and maintenance keeps fire safety equipment and technology in good condition so that sites remain safe and prepared for any situations that could arise. Fire safety equipment and professionals offer the first lines of defense in many cases when it comes to preventing the spread of fire and ensuring the safety of everyone on the premises.

We require all applicants to be either BAFE or FIA accredited or qualified to ensure they have the necessary skills to safely carry out their work. The BAFE Fire Safety Register guarantees that members are quality fire safety service providers and can carry out their work to a certain standard. The FIA (Fire Industry Association) offers an alternative accreditation, with nationally-recognised qualifications in fire safety.

Our services make it easier for employers and candidates to find the right roles and skilled engineers.

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